Saturday, February 27, 2010

meat water

Yes, I think its real. Check it out:


Thursday, February 18, 2010

privacy issues in plain english

I recently came across this website:
Wow, thieves must be having a hay day right now. Is the purpose of this site to really let people know when others leave their houses and feast upon a freebie smorgasbord?

This site links with your twitter account, and whenever you update where you are - every minute of the day - it lets people know on this site. Pairing up with Foursquare (which I know a recent grad of our program uses quite frequently...) you inform people where you are 24/7 it seems. You have let people know that your house is now empty... feel free to pillage away!

In reality, the site it a "dressed up Twitter search page." Anyone can get this information.

love the purpose of this site - To inform people as to what they are really sharing out on the web. Going back to my previous post about Google Buzz, I am assuming that the majority of people using these services are not thinking twice before plugging in their current locations and deep dark secrets.

.... rumors have it that good old Fbook will be adding location sharing to their plethora of services as well..

oh goody.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

buzz this

So you have all heard about Google Buzz, and I figured I may as well write a little bit about this new fan dangled program.

Google Buzz uses the people you email and chat with most often and makes it into a network. You can show pictures to the world, update your status and post links. Sound Familiar?? It essentially takes all the sites you already use (except Facebook) and puts them in one convenient location so you aren't having to visit a million pages one after another.

In a nutshell - It's a new app that makes your Gmail account into one mega social-sphere.

Although, there have already been a couple problems from this Facebook-imposter. Everyone is aware of the numerous privacy issues with Fbook, but Google Buzz takes it to a new level.

1. Buzz picks your network at first and allows people to see what you have posted to other people. What happens when a stray old abusive bf makes it into this group that you don't want to deal with? Sketch.
2. When you log into Buzz on your mobile phone, you give them access to your location info. Sketchy.
3. Check out people's "Buzzes" (Status updates) and under their buzz you will find their exact location of the posting - yes, street name and number, city, and state. SKETCHIER!!!

As of now, 175 million Gmail and Buzz users are spilling their info out for the world to see. Found beside the "Share," "Retweet," and "Digg This" buttons you can now find the "Buzz This" button. Talk about market saturation overload.

But in reality - How many of us have actually gone into our Facebook accounts and changed the privacy settings to prevent this information spillage?

Aside from the fact of nuclear-powered-information-spillage by clueless people, is Buzz a threat to Facebook? Is it just a poor attempt from Google to stay in the social-loop? Or is it the future - where we will all eventually be forced Google ourselves to death as it slowly takes over the internet?

Monday, February 8, 2010

cut the fat by gaining more?

I just came across this campaign that Burger King put on at the start of the year...

Friendship is strong, but the Whopper is stronger.

... simply delete 10 friends off your facebook account and you get a free burger. Oh, you also have to install their "Whopper Sacrifice" application to your list of many useless Fbook apps already. Every time you cut a friend loose, it announces your decision to the world.

With the many years you have been on Facebook, how many people have you met during a 5 minute convo and decided "hey, I met you - aaannnnddddd you can be my friend"
Don't try to deny that you have never done that. Ever. Because you and I both know that it has happened at least once.

I deleted 200 people in 5 minutes. 200 people that I haven't talked to in ages, haven't met, or don't recognize because I met you for 2 minutes at that party last month. What could I possibly do with 20 Whoppers? I just cant even fathom the idea... wow, I used fathom. Blogs really are making me more smarter!

So in the end you are trimming that excess friend fat to simply add it onto your own bulging belly. But hey, who doesn't like free stuff?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Facebook = Power

When something large changes in our lives, we tend to lose it - whether its a good change or bad.

Pop my computer open. Open Firefox. Open Facebook. (my general routine no matter what time of day)

Oh God - Guys, Facebook changed. Is yours like this? This is dumb, why did Facebook have to change again?! ... run to next table. Guys! Is your Facebook different? no?! Why is mine the only one that's changed?!?!

True Story. That just happened. Not even lying.

It's pretty sad how Facebook has that much power over us. The power to send us running to tables and make us shout out to others across the room to announce these epic changes.

For those who have not experienced these epic changes yet, take a gander. You are probably thinking " It's a test on a couple people to see how it works out." But no. It's coming for you.

Facebook changes, we freak. iPad is launched, it stirs everything up. Superbowl commercials are busting out "sneak peaks," we get excited.

It's kinda sad, but it happens.

... by the way, today is Facebook's 4th Birthday. Thanks for changing stuff up for us as a celebration Fbook. You are awesome.