Monday, March 15, 2010

made me smile :)

While suffering from my terrible cold, I have of course been lazying myself in front of the TV.

This commercial came on. It made me smile despite the corniness of it all.

Happy Monday Everyone!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Paper Cup Resume

Resumes are Resumes. Words typed up on a blank sheet of paper. Do you really want that job you are striving to get? You definitely won't stand out with your average joe-shmo paper one. Do something different. Stand out.

Some may wonder who actually makes their resume "non-resume-ish." I know someone who put their resume on a coffee cup, not 8x11'' white paper. That was ages ago. To this day she is still known as the coffee cup girl.

Stumped as to what to do? Do something in your field - like this facebook girl. Her resume is all over the internet now.

Just sit down and write out stuff having to do with your area of expertise. Like all good advertising ideas, the ah-ha moment will come to you at some point.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

thanks cosmo for telling everyone...

I picked up the latest Cosmo today after work - Lady Gaga on the cover convinced me to make the $5.49 purchase. While reading, I came across the "Want a kick-ass new job?" article. One of these newly-discovered jobs - a Professional Tweeter.

Cool. Thanks Cosmo for announcing my dream job to the entire English speaking world. Yes, I realize that it really wasnt a secret to begin with, but that many more people now know.

It's not just Tweeting professionally, its a new marketing lifestyle. It's Social Netmarketing.

This is what I LOVE to do. You get to be engaged with the customers, reach out to them, connect with them. I can honestly say that I now have an area that I am truly interested in with advertising and marketing.

Blogging. Facebooking. Tweeting. Here's the "secret" everyone: get into a marketing or PR firm that has or is in dire need for a social networking strategy. Yes, there are TONS of people that can Facebook their way up and down a street, but how many can actually use it to a companies benefit?

For us SLC grads, we know 2 things well: Advertising and Facebook. Well... we can now add blogging to our list ;)

So Saatchi wont take you in as an intern and you "settle" for a local small biz. Use it to your advantage - show this old school company the new social netmarketing ways of the future. An unexpected position is social marketing may just open up for ya.