Friday, January 29, 2010

is social media a fad?

fad or future?

2009 grammys and social media

... just thought it was interesting how even the Grammys are getting more involved with social media. Their whole campaign for this years show is based around the social aspect, which I think is amazing. It's being crowned as We're All Fans.

Check it out here and let me know what you think about the Grammys new image

Heres a little tid bit of their campaign... love love love lady gaga <3
... and for those of you who detest her, there are videos for everyone from Dave Matthews, Kings of Leon, and Taylor Swift

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

you knew this one was coming...

Farmville. Just a Facebook application that has hit every one of us in one way or another. Some got completely engorged in the game (cough.. myself), and others just laughed at the ones that were being sucked in.. people like myself.

Who knew that the virtual sales of super pumpkins, mystery chests, and pink flamingos would account for $2 billion in sales last year?!

In a little over 2 months, 11 MILLION Facebook users plow their fields daily. That's the highest rise in users for online gaming EVER. Closest was World of Warcraft, who has 11.5 million players... but that number took 4 years to get to that point.

Going back to my first post - even though this area has been in business for a while with video games - is this the future for making that extra dough through selling your product? Video Games have product sponsors all through them, look at Grand Theft Auto and Need for Speed. So what's so wrong about getting into online Facebook games. No matter how stupid an idea may seem, you would make a killing doing it. I mean come on, $2 Billion on pink flamingos?!

Now excuse me, I need to go tend to my crops... enjoy this video

Monday, January 25, 2010

a cruel experiment

Everyone knows that if you want to bring attention to something fast, announce it on the internet. This will ensure people find out right away, and the uproar will commence almost immediately.

Starting a new campaign? Internet launch it. Ground breaking news? Internet.

I wanted to see how fast word would spread on Facebook alone with a simple relationship change to "engaged". Just how many people would know at the end of a 24hr period? This may have been a mean trick to some people, but holy crap... when word gets out, WORD GETS OUT!

Results between the two "fiancées":
1 min after status change - first comment
34 status comments
15 facebook messages
11 facebook chat messages
23 text messages
6 in person comments
= at least 89 people

After the 24hrs was up, it was all removed. Gone from internet history forever. 89 People commented, who knows how many impressions were made in that short time frame.

Word spread like wildfire for something so little in importance, compared to large company product launches. Social Media sites are able to provide that upper edge to your generic website launch as it gets the customers involved, allowing them to comment and provide their input.

Now the real question... is there anything better than social media to get your info out fast? Social Media may be the "it" thing right now, but what's the next step once people get sick of Facebook? (We all know it will happen sooner or later - look at MySpace...)

Friday, January 22, 2010

facebook flavoured vitamin water?

Ok, so the new flavour of Vitamin Water isn't actually called "Facebook," but its pretty damn close...

January 8th, "Connect" was launched as the new flavour for the drink's line. Vitamin Water created the new contest specifically to Facebook in which you could go to the flavour creator lab and make your own concoction. The application allowed you to create flavours, design the label, and vote on your favs. The winner would take home $5,000 of sweet sweet cash.

What took this campaign to the next level? You were able to monitor the social media buzz on the top 10 flavours through Google News, Twitter, Flickr and Foodgawker. Everyone's tweets, blog posts, searches and images ultimately helped the winner win.

What do you guys think about the never-ending list of social online campaigns that companies are creating? Is it just an easy way to gain engagement and buzz around their company?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

the difference between marketing, pr, advertising and branding

Thought you guys would enjoy this one... if you cant see it that well click here

a fresh start to an overdone beginning

So here it is... I'm a 3rd year Advertising IMC student at SLC and it's pretty much crunch time. Time to choose what area you want to become a mastermind in before graduation, which isn't too far away now. I got thinking... what's new and interesting out in the world, what's changing the way we advertise our junk to make it seem that much better. How do we grab people's attentions and keep them where we want them in a world of corny commercials and ads?

Social Online Marketing... or Social Netmarketing?

Someone asks you to promote their company. Your first thought - Facebook and Twitter. It is the cheapest and easiest way to involve your company with your customers, but can easily become overdone. Twitterholics, Twittercide, Twitterdiction, Twitterosaurs? (urban dictionary for the win) - we have heard it all. The problem? Peole don't know how to effectively use these mediums to their benefit. It all just ends up looking like one last desperate attempt to get your name out there. There are so many ways to use these mediums to your advantage... and it's easy as hell too. Maybe people should learn how to get the most out of their sites before they just jump on the junky bandwagon...