Tuesday, May 4, 2010

long time, no see...

It's been a while since I've been on here updating all of you guys. From my last post to now I have completed my Advertising Course at SLC, organized and planned the 30th Annual Greg Awards at the College - receiving an award for the best blog (yup, for this one), and am now finding myself frantically searching for a job in my field here in Kingston.. (if anyone has any leads, you know where to find me!)

Anyways, in the mean time I have been perusing the world wide web to see what is new in the world of online social media. I found this website and its quite enjoying to be honest.

Need to bitch about your roommate that steals all your milk? Or those birds that wake you up time after time every morning? How about the fact that your nails aren't reaching the optimum length to give yourself a french manicure because they keep breaking all the time?

Fear no more, BLAH Therapy is here!


.. i'll let it speak for itself.

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